DOWNLOAD Euphonik Perspective Album | Zip & Mp3DOWNLOAD Euphonik Perspective Album | Zip & Mp3


DOWNLOAD Euphonik Perspective Album



DOWNLOAD Euphonik Perspective Album

free download Perspective Album by Euphonik

Sparkling with sunshine beats and sing-along anthems, unforgettable melodies and squeaky clean laser beams to disrupt the dance floor, Perspective is Euphonik at his peak. The DJ and producer steers the star-studded affair into the familiar sonic territory that’s managed to sustain him for over a decade. Ziyon guests on the laidback “Moments”, and R&B impresario Donald croons on the up-tempo “Runaway Love”, an ‘80s throwback with a new lease at life. The music here is light without being cheesy, and reflective without being up its own groovy nose. This is starter-pack music for unforgettable party experiences.

Tracklist of Perspective Album by Euphonik

1. Euphonik – Summer Sun || DOWNLOAD MP3

2. Euphonik – Let It Flow (feat. Clint Brink) || DOWNLOAD MP3

3. Euphonik – Moments (feat. Ziyon) || DOWNLOAD MP3

4. Euphonik – Apologies (feat. Luke M & Thoko) || DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Euphonik – Fire Dance (feat. Praiz) || DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Euphonik – It’s a Fine Day (feat. Zandra) || DOWNLOAD MP3

7. Euphonik – I’m Worthy (feat. Kelly Fortuin) || DOWNLOAD MP3

8. Euphonik – Runaway Love (feat. Donald) || DOWNLOAD MP3

9. Euphonik – How Will I Know || DOWNLOAD MP3

10. Euphonik – Don’t Wanna Be (Your Friend) [feat. Mi Casa] || DOWNLOAD MP3

11. Euphonik – My Baby (feat. Naak Musiq) || DOWNLOAD MP3

12. Euphonik – Let Me Go (feat. Naak Musiq) || DOWNLOAD MP3

13. Euphonik – The One (feat. Mpumi & Bekzin Terris) || DOWNLOAD MP3

14. Euphonik – Ama Bhoza (feat. Tira, Naak Musiq & Bekzin Terris) || DOWNLOAD MP3

15. Euphonik – Vuma (DJ Maphorisa X DJ Buckz Mix) [feat. Lolo & Bhutiza] || DOWNLOAD MP3

Euphonik – Killa Kau – Tholukuthi Hey (feat. Mbali) || DOWNLOAD MP3

DOWNLOAD Perspective Album ZIP

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