Spiro Beats Interview On MoLitSpiro Beats Interview On MoLit


Spiro Beats Interview On MoLit



I just had a nice conversation with a young music production virtuoso who goes by the name “Spiro Beats.” The Mpumalanga native shared his views on the current state of music and hardships that record producers and audio engineers face.

Who is Spiro Beats?

Spiro Beats is a Mpumalanga based record producer and audio mixing engineer, over the years I’ve mastered the art of mixing and deejaying hence my brother is deejay. So that’s where I got the inspiration to get into the entertainment industry..

How long have you been doing music?

I started out as a rapper back in 2008 rapping with a few friends of mine then later that year, one of my friends introduced me to Fruity Loops (FL Studio). I knew nothing ’bout making beats at that time hence we were rapping on downloaded beats.

Why did you choose music?

I always get that question, and my answer is always the same.. I didn’t choose music, Music chose me… It’s a calling man.

Lol! Why did you choose production when you could’ve went mainstream and chose rapping?

You know man, back then, rapping on downloaded beats was the ishh everyone was doing. So, I decided to make my own beats instead of buying beats from other producers.

Creative! You have seen that producers play a major role in creating Lit songs but they go unnoticed. How do you feel about this as a producer?

Hey man you know, it’s hard to get noticed unless you have your own signature sound but still I feel like people are sleeping on producers and that’s why you find most producers go for the rapping route because it’s easy to get noticed when you’re an artist.


Nice. Considering the fact that you were once a rapper, what is easy, being a rapper or producer?

I can say being a producer is easy now that I’m used to it.. But as for rapping, it’s hard, especially when it comes to writing.

What is the most prevalent sound in your artistry?

My most prevalent sound.. I can say, it’s popular music man .. Trap sound and Pop even Naija Pop man yeah..

That’s lit bro. So where to from here?

More tracks coming specially from me and I’m dropping a double project (Album and Beat Tape). Dropping it on my birthday.

Great! So do you have anything you would like to tell your fans or anyone who has never met you?

Expect more music and interviews from Spiro Beats!

Thank you bro. It was nice having you at MoLit. Have a Lit weekend.

Thank You, man.

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