All About Emtee's Record Label.All About Emtee's Record Label.

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All About Emtee’s Record Label.



All About Emtee's Record Label.

All About Emtee’s Record Label.

Recall that earlier this week, rapper Emtee announced the establishment of his own record label which goes by the name Emtee Records.

This comes as an addition to his company African Trap Music which he also claimed to be puttintg more focus on.

The Plug rapper has since created social media accounts to keep people up to date about his record label. By far it has been shared that the label is aimed at managing artists and developing aspiring superstars.

“We’re an artist management company aiming at developing and nurturing superstars,” emtee wrote.

What caught even more attention from fans is that the label might grant opportunities to people who have been yearning to break into the industry.

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