No Beef and the illuminate Saga - Cruz afrika No Beef and the illuminate Saga - Cruz afrika


No Beef and the illuminate Saga – @IamCruzafrika



After all the Beef and Illuminati Saga  – Cruz Afrika have decided to drop Shaka Zulu official music video on YouTube this coming Friday while other rappers are dying to drop albums on the 15th of September 2017.

Shaka Zulu Takes Command .On the first of September .A Hip Hop Super star Cruz Afrika took over social media when he released his latest Hit Single titled Shaka zulu. Not only did the Godly emcee silence all his critics and haters. he also did a personal best by going platinum in only two days of the single release And the song is currently the 3 most downloaded song on Slikour On Life and other popular blogs in Africa.

We all know that Cruz Afrika and Emtee have not seen eye to eye in the past few months. although there beef was squash down promptly in the high court of law the street still wanted to know more and as true as a new day. the day came when Cruz Afrika was live on Massiv metro with  the host Zola 7 . Zola wasted no time and jumping into the dark secretive deal and Controversy Saga that went down between Cruz Afrika, Emtee,Sjava,Saudi, Ruff and the late swatie khing khong on social media.

Whether or not you believe the illuminati order is real or fake, it is said that Emtee, Saudi, Ruff and Sjava sacrificed there one time friend and producer Swatie in order to be where they are today. We all saw  Emtee track list with track 16. RiP Swatie .it raise the ears to Cruz and his gang gang ,although Cruz Afrika has put the beef behind him and he decided to focused on his music career and his Company ‘Afrika Hotlines’ including his little cute girl Bokamoso_modise .

About one week after Cruz Afrika’s new single was released the new Age Shaka caught the attention of DJ ZaiMaya on Yfm which we saw him being interviewed on the yfm hip hop floor and of course Dj Zaimaya and BigDreamz they wanted the juice details that everyone is dying to hear about the illuminati and the beef between Cruz Afrika and other gang gang.

“Once bitten, twice shy” Cruz was ready and quickly maneuvered around the topic and was congratulated for his great work on social media and his platinum reach of 50 Thousands downloads. Now as the newly crowned King of the social media Cruz Afrika is getting ready to release the highly anticipated music video for his latest single Shaka Zulu, Rumor has it we’ll be seeing the stunning visual as soon as this Friday (15th September 2017). Cruz posted on twitter and  Instagram that he is aiming for 50 thousands Views first day and 100 Thousands views first week if not 1st day.

Cruz Afrika said that there is no connection between the dates because his team had already planned months ago to drop the Shaka Zulu Music video two weeks after the single was released as it would increase the longevity of the song as well as create the required demand from the fans.

We all know that even though they are silent the industry and especially Empty camp are watching Cruz Afrika s moves.Therefore the million Rand question is what is going to happen next after that this friday the 15th of September.

Look out for Cruz Afrika – Shaka Zulu music video this Friday the 15th of September 2017.

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