DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Katy Perry - Roar (One Love Manchester) VIDEO: Katy Perry - Roar (One Love Manchester)


VIDEO: Katy Perry – Roar (One Love Manchester)



Katy Perry Slays Powerful One Love Manchester Performance Of ‘Roar’ & ‘Part Of Me’

The gorgeous 32-year-old singer slayed the stage at One Love Manchester, a benefit show put together by Ariana Grande, 23, to raise money for people affected by the bombing on May 22. Katy sang a stripped down version of “Part of Me” and an empowered rendition of “Roar”, and looked utterly amazing while honoring the lives lost in the vicious and nonsensical attack.

“Thank you Ariana for your courage and strength,” she said, tears welling in her eyes. “It’s not easy to always choose love is it? Especially in moments like these it can be hard to do. But love conquers fear and love conquers hate. This love that you choose gives us strength and that strength gives us power.” That’s when Katy begged fans to “touch the person next to you, make human contact, tell them I love you, look in their eyes, say I love you!” What a beautiful moment.


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