Chamber of Mines: Its confusing, Mining Charter must not be implemented


The Chamber of Mines says Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane’s new Mining Charter is confusing and is inflicting such vast damage on the country that it must not be implemented.

It’s now formally lodged its application to stop the new charter from being implemented.
The chamber has previously said that Zwane’s new charter was published without the industry being consulted.

The Chamber of Mines says it wants to help transform the industry but that this new charter will inflict vast and systemic damage on the mining industry investors and the country itself.

They also say that Zwane is overreaching and trying to usurp powers that should reside with Parliament.

The Chamber slates the language used in the charter that claiming that it is vague and contradictory and that mining companies are not able to actually work out what they are supposed to do.
It says the only way to stop this damage is for a court to issue an urgent order preventing the charter from being implemented.


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