Court sentences 27 year-old-man to prison for dealing in hard drugsCourt sentences 27 year-old-man to prison for dealing in hard drugs


Court sentences 27 year-old-man to prison for dealing in hard drugs



Federal High Court I, Jos on Friday sentenced a 27 year old man to two months imprisonment for illegal possession of hard drugs.

The convict, Joseph Femi, was arrested on March 10, 2017 at West of Mines in Jos Metropolis in Possession of 150kg of Cannabis, 4.8 g of Exol-5, 44g of Tramadol, 15g of Diazepham and 1.3g of Rophynol.

The NDLEA, which prosecuted Femi said that for been found in possession of such hard drugs, he had contravened section 20 (c) and 2(b) of NDLEA Cap 30 of 2004 as Amended.

He was then tried on two count charge.

When the charges were read to Femi, he pleaded guilty before the Presiding Judge, Justice Dorcas Agishi.

Mrs Ramatu Oketola, NDLEA Counsel, had told the court that since the accused pleaded guilty, he should be given summary trial in accordance with the law.

“My Lord, since the accused has pleaded guilty to the two count charges, he should be given summary trial in line with he provision of the law.

“I hereby wish to tender in evidence his confessional statement, the hard drugs found in his possession at the time of arrest and the statement of the arresting officer of our agency (NDLEA) as exhibits before this honourable court, ’’ Oketola pleaded.

After the prosecution counsel submitted all the documents and substances to the court, Femi knelt down before the Judge and pleaded for justice to be tampered with mercy.

“My Lord, I am very sorry for what I have done; 1 am an orphan with a wife and child with nothing doing, which prompted me into this mess.

“I promise I won’t do it again if you forgive me; it was when I lost my mother and lost my job with the State Sports Council that I
was pushed into such a bad act, ’’ the accused pledged.

Oketola told the Court that Femi was a first offender as, “he has no any such criminal record with us as an agency.’’

In her ruling, Agishi said that after she had looked at the evidences before her, she was satisfied that the accused has committed the offences as charged.

“But I wonder why a young man like you should indulged in such a shameful business when there are better businesses you could do to help yourself; how much will all these illicit drugs fitch you?

“You have a very innocent look but you are not; you are young and suppose to be in school but you are not.

“If not because you are a first offender, and has pleaded for leniency, I would have given you a severe punishment in accordance
with the law, ’’ she stated.

The judge finally declared, “In view of your plea for leniency and the fact that you have no criminal record before now, out of compassion and justice, I now sentence you to two months imprisonment for both count charge.”

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