Full investigation underway into prison stripper incident – James Smalberger


Prison officials have condemned a Youth Day celebration at the Johannesburg Correctional Centre which included scantily-dressed women, describing the event as unacceptable and a clear breach of security.

Pictures have been widely circulated on social media of the women in knee-high boots and lace lingerie as they entertain convicts.

In one of the images, two women appear to be undressing one of the inmates while prison warders look on.

At least 13 officials at the Johannesburg Correctional Centre, commonly known as Sun City, now face suspension.
Acting National Commissioner James Smalberger says that such an event should never have taken place in a correctional environment.

“What was not approved is this part of the entertainment, which is called entertainment but can never be entertainment for offenders who are serving sentences.”

He says that a full investigation is now underway.
“We will make sure that those found guilty face the consequences of their actions.”
The acting commissioner has apologised to South Africans, adding that those responsible will be dealt with.


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