Germiston SPCA refutes alarmist post, admits financial difficultyGermiston SPCA refutes alarmist post, admits financial difficulty


Germiston SPCA refutes alarmist post, admits financial difficulty



JOHANNESBURG – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has distanced itself from claims that its Germiston & Bedfordview branch is on the brink of closure.

On Thursday, an alarmist went viral on social media claiming that the branch was to be closed due to financial difficulty.

The SPCA refuted the claims in a statement on Friday morning saying it has been inundated with emails and social posts from concerned supporters.


“Thursday’s post falsely claimed that 250 cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and horses in our kennels would be euthanized. We only have dogs and cats in our kennels and do not adopt out any of the other animals mentioned,” the statement said.

“The post also falsely claimed that animals at other affiliated rescue organisations are at risk of being euthanized should we close. We are not affiliated with any of the organisations mentioned in the post, including Puppy and Kittie Haven and Service Dogs Retirements Haven – they are independent organisations.”

While the society is not in immediate danger of closing it acknowledged its dire financial status.

“We are indeed struggling financially, like many other SPCA’s and independent rescue organisations — we only have enough savings to sustain our current monthly deficit for another year unless drastic action is taken,” the statement said.


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