Start attending to cries of the people to get your former glory – Paul Mashatile to ANC


Gauteng African National Congress (ANC) chairperson Paul Mashatile says the ANC should not ignore the message sent by South Africans after they voted against the ANC in the local government elections.

Mashatile was speaking to professionals and academics at the ANC’s middle strata discussion on the draft policy document.

He says the party needs to collectively diagnose the problem and find a solution before it’s too late.

Mashatile says the loss in metros signals a failure in the ANC.

“It signals a failure by the ANC members to attend to the needs of our people and failure to control and direct the transformative narrative.”

The ANC Gauteng chairperson says in order for the ANC to return to its former glory, it needs to be responsive to the cries of the people.

“It is therefore critical that the ANC should at all time be responsive to the cries of the people, which are usually clear and unambiguous.”

Mashatile says the ANC needs to rope in the participation of the middle class to help transform the lives of South Africans.

He said in light of the succession debate being opened, he has urged the party’s members to elect a leader who will unite the party ahead of the national conference.

As the race for the leader of the governing party picks up the pace, Mashatile has encouraged the party to learn from its past.

“In less than 10 years we have had two political parties that have formed from our ranks. We cannot continue to allow this to happen.”

Mashatile said now more than ever the ANC needs leaders who are not afraid to speak the truth.

“The ANC, now more than ever before requires leadership that is fearless and brave; a leadership that will not be afraid to speak the truth.”

Although Gauteng chairperson hasn’/t publicly declared where his vote will go between the contesting leaders, he hasn’t made his feelings about wanting President Jacob Zuma to step down a secret.


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