Thembisile Yende's family 'shattered' following postmortem results shown MurderThembisile Yende's family 'shattered' following postmortem results shown Murder


Thembisile Yende’s family ‘shattered’ following postmortem results shown Murder



The family of Thembisile Yende says they are shaken after postmortem results proved their belief that she was murdered.
Yende was found dead at an Eskom substation in Springs last week after she had been missing for two weeks.

Police have changed the charge to murder after the postmortem results revealed that Yende had incurred injuries to the headand had been suffocated before her death.

The Yende family says they are shattered by the postmortem results as they prove what they have been fearing.

Spokesperson Mboneni Yende says: “We don’t have any words to explain how we feel because Thembisile kept on complaining about her safety, now it had to get to a part where she had to die for Eskom to open its eyes.”

He says they are looking for answers from Eskom.
“As a family, with the results being out, we’re saying to Eskom the ball is now in your court, you have to find out what happened to Thembisile. You have to give us answers.”

Police say they are now looking for possible suspects in their murder case.

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