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Promotional Packages

FlexyJam as we all know is the home of entertainment for so many South Africans, we’ve spread our wings so far, and have touched many South Africans, Africans, Europeans, Asians, and so many more with our entertaining and informative updates.

The main essence of this publication is to inform all the upcoming music artistes here, of our super-maximum music promotion package, launched earlier, at a very affordable rate for all music artistes here to sign up for.

This promo package contains the various features below:-

50k Downloads – R700

40K Downloads – R600

30K Downloads – R500

20K Downloads – R400

10K Downloads – R300

5K Downloads – R200

All packages also includes uploading your song to our YouTube channel with over 11k subscribers, Posting your songs on our social media accounts with huge followers and adding your song to mixtapes and song of the week. (Click the email address to send us a mail now)