7 Reasons Why Hip-Hop Girls Are Superior Girlfriends 7 Reasons Why Hip-Hop Girls Are Superior Girlfriends

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We can all be nice and say that every guy has his certain vision of an ideal girl. But
some fellas may be running in circles for ages with almost no hope left for finding
a decent girl. So let’s face it. For those guys searching for girlfriends or girls for marriage, we’d recommend to look closer in the hip-hop culture. Yup, we’re
serious! When it comes to picking a girlfriend, there’s nobody better than one that
loves hip-hop. Being a true fan of the rap culture, it just tickles my insides the
possibility of finding a cute girlie who will be sharing my musical preferences! If
you still haven’t found your love, then you might be looking in all the wrong
places. You absolutely need to find yourself a hot hip-hop chick and here’re some
reasons why:

1. Absolute style killa
Any girl can wear an evening dress and high heels. And no doubt, there’s a
suitable time and place for those. Whatever it is – a bar, a frat house party,
crazy house party or a casual night out with the homies that drags on for a long
time – these are the weekends you may adore. What makes you going even
more? Investigating the crowd and finding that one gal wearing the hi-top
sneakers or the Timbs with the baggy-torn jeans, hair down and a hoodie with
her favorite artist on it, impatiently looking straight out to hit that dance floor.
Right, that’s the girl you probably wanna talk to.

2. She’ll give you a brain boost
Any girl who is really into rap has a rebellious spirit and literally soaks it in.
Sometimes music turns out to be the most valuable education. The point is,
some of the best hip-hop tunes are filled with a quite powerful social subtext.
Odds are, if you get yourself a true hip-hop chick, she will keep you informed
about what’s really going on in the society, the life of the lower income
communities, the pros and cons of global politics ( if she’s really keen on
political rap), where the governments are failing their people and loads of other
stuff. You know, a good conversation can go quite far. Still, watch out, she can
be too pushy!

3. You’ll be a part of the crew
Imagine yourself dating a girl and everything going super well, but once you
meet up with her friends – you start noticing the ship sinking? Or when she is
introduced to your pals and presents you that look like you’ve messed all up? A
rap girlfriend knows that a boy holds a lot of pride in the company he keeps
around. This is la Família. This is untouchable. As soon as you agree on that,
you will walk with a lot more boast in the step realizing you got yourself the
dopest babe ever to be dated. Do not let your buds get too close to her, though.

4. No place for jealousy
Almost every guy wants to feel like he can tell his girl anything. Like Kanye
West once said, “Have you ever asked your girl about other guys?”. Maybe you
won’t get that clear, but a smart girl is aware of the difference between love and
blind passion. Leave all the worries behind. If she catches you cheating, she’ll
let you know the business. And she will definitely come easy with whatever girl
is taking her place. But at the end of the day, she will understand you’re just
flexing in front of your boys. You may act the wildest thing in public, but as
you go home, she will get who you’re really trying to impress.

5. She knows what to get you for b-day
You’re not going to get some Tom & Jerry jumper or Amazon discount coupon.
Even if you’d like to spend this day just in her company, your hip-hop
girlfriend will get all your closest friends together, throw you an enormous
home party and then get you two tickets to Eminem’s secret show that you
didn’t even know took place. And she knows you’re going to take her with you
because she’s the best partner in seeking for adventures. She’d expect the same
from you. Time for action!

6. She’s a sweet girl
Your rap-obsessed baby girl will always come up with the latest updates while
you’re away. She knows the freshest hot track, predictions for upcoming big,
sharing her most favorite playlist on Spotify. Don’t worry about leaving for a

work trip and losing out on all the latest events in the industry. Your hip-hop
cutie is always couple steps ahead because she got used to live her life to the

7. She’s your dream team
You don’t have to switch the radio off when your favorite rap song comes on.
You know you wanna leave everything and bounce to those vibes. And your
girl is always there to do it with you. If not, well, she’ll wipe a tear like a proud
dad, watching his only son win the baseball match. Don’t be shy! She still
thinks you’re the maddest! And when you hit the dance floor together, watch all
the haters gazing enviously. You’re the best, most fun couple in the building
and everyone is jealous. Love is real.

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