Car reliability rating by J.D. Power Car reliability rating by J.D. Power

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Car reliability rating by J.D. Power



The American company J.D. Power and Associates published a reliability rating of new vehicles for Initial Quality Study 2017.

Lexus ES sedan retains leadership among premium compacts for several years, while its rivals are constantly changing. This time Mercedes C-class almost got it. Lexus GS and Lexus RX models also had no equal rivals.

Let’s look at the results of all the most popular brands in the world!

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General review

For the first time on JD’s Power memory, the 28th place in the annual ranking of cars reliability Toyota corporation has won 10 of 18 awards in different categories (Gm concern, the holder of 8 cups in 2016, got only 4 awards today).  Toyota Lexus brand is a leader for the sixth year in a row by now, but if in the previous report, the Porsche brand was behind by two percentage points (PP), now the results match.

However, Hyundai has showed the most significant growth, getting to the sixth position (+25 PP). Dodge and Ford got +21 PP, and Land Rover (+20). In the meantime, FIAT, which raised from the bottom, crumbled to the end of the list with a whopping margin and without any model in the top list.

When preparing the report for Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), J.D. Power company received data by querying 35 186 car owners (October-December, 2017). 177 problems were analyzed in eight categories. Industry average index (number of difficulties per 100 cars) rose by four points.

Car reliability rating by brands:

  • Lexus – 110
  • Porsche – 110
  • Toyota – 123
  • Buick – 126
  • Mercedes-Benz – 131
  • Hyundai – 133
  • BMW – 139
  • Chevrolet – 142
  • Honda – 143
  • Jaguar – 144
  • KIA – 148
  • Lincoln – 150
  • MINI – 150
  • GMC – 151
  • Cadillac – 152
  • Audi – 153
  • Volvo – 154.

ACEN (audio, communication, entertainment, navigation) remains the main problem, it accounted for 22 percent of total complains. In comparison to the last year they recorded small (+2%) but steady growth. Most car owners have difficulty with Bluetooth connection and voice recognition systems.

Finally, we should note that J.D. Power examines not only reliability. There is also a rating of satisfaction of car owners, the study of the integration with smartphones and much more.

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