Chelsea FC earns £150m in Premier League paymentsChelsea FC earns £150m in Premier League payments

Chelsea FC earns £150m in Premier League payments

  • English champions Chelsea earned £150.8 million ($194 million) from the Premier League this season while bottom side Sunderland were paid more than Leicester City got as title winners last year thanks to a new broadcast contract.

    The 2016-17 campaign was the first under the £5.1 billion TV rights deal signed in 2015, with the total value of the league’s central payments to clubs rising to £2.4 billion from £1.6 billion a year earlier.

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    Sunderland, who were relegated to the Championship (second-tier) after finishing last, earned £93.5 million, more than Leicester did in winning the 2015-16 title.

    This term the Foxes earned £115.8 million for finishing 12th compared to £93 million as champions last season.
    The amounts include broadcast and commercial income plus prize money. Commercial income, overseas broadcast income, and a percentage of domestic broadcast income is shared equally between the league’s 20 clubs.

    The rest is split according to each club’s league position and the number of televised games they feature in each season.
    Third-placed Manchester City and Liverpool, who finished fourth, both featured in more televised games than second-placed Tottenham Hotspur and accordingly finished slightly above the north London club in the money stakes.

    Premier League payments to clubs at the end of the 2016-17 season (in pounds):
    Chelsea – 150,811,183

    Tottenham Hotspur – 145,461,325

    Manchester City – 146,927,965

    Liverpool – 146,122,439

    Arsenal – 139,636,498

    Manchester United – 141,103,138

    Everton – 127,800,699

    Southampton – 122,450,841

    Bournemouth – 118,237,066

    West Bromwich Albion – 114,023,291

    West Ham United – 116,626,014

    Leicester City – 115,820,488

    Stoke City – 107,062,381

    Crystal Palace – 109,665,104

    Swansea City – 103,179,163

    Burnley – 101,237,554

    Watford – 102,704,194

    Hull City – 97,354,336

    Middlesbrough – 98,820,976

    Sunderland – 93,471,118